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For the last 17 years, a group of friends with a passion for plants have organised an annual plant sale in aid of The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.  This event does not just happen overnight, it takes months to plan. Throughout the year the team collect containers and plant pots to grow many of the flowers and veg from seed.

Weeks before the plant sale, they are all busy in their greenhouses and sheds planting and watering.  In the week before the event, the logistics phase begins. This is when collecting plants donated by local companies including Chamberlain Estates and Clockhouse Nursery happens.

Successfully betting against COVID-19

This year, the event was planned well before the Coronavirus pandemic.  Then the decision had to be made to cancel or not to cancel.  Like very good poker players, they held out till the last and decided that by offering a collection service and with safe distancing measures adhered to, the event could go ahead.

They were extremely pleased with the number of people who came to support them.  For one customer, it was the first time she had left her home in over three months.  She said, “I look forward to this event every year and I was determined not to miss it.

Carol, Alison, Pauline and their team worked all day and were secretly hoping (but never imagining) that they would raise £1,700 to celebrate their 17 years of organising this event.  Thanks to the generosity of their customers, they exceeded this target and raised £1,893.40.

With your help, it would be great to raise this figure to £2,000.00.  So if you can donate the cost of your favourite perennial or evergreen please do so here.

The Nightingale are extremely grateful to Carol, Alison, Pauline and all their helpers for their continued support.  Without people like them, The Nightingale could not survive.  They are already planning their next event so please put a reminder of 29th May 2021 in your diary.

If you are inspired to organise an event, either on your own or with friends, we would love to hear from you.