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Hi there, my name is Steve,

When I retired in 2015 I was looking for an opportunity to do some voluntary work in the community. I lived locally so I was already aware of The Nightingale and I knew people who had received support from them.

An important reason I chose to volunteer with The Nightingale was that I knew through family and friends of the impact cancer has on people’s lives. A long time supporter of cancer research, I had also previously raised funds for Cancer Research UK by running a few London Marathons.    

Over the last 8 years I have enjoyed supporting Fiona to raise awareness of The Nightingale in the community.

Even though I come into the centre just a few hours each week, I feel that I am accepted as a member of the team. It is also satisfying to know that more and more clients are aware of and benefiting from The Nightingale because of the Awareness Stands.

My main role is organising the Awareness Campaign, communicating with local retailers/shopping centres so that we can have a stand and also keeping in touch with our volunteers and supporters. Also as part of the Awareness Campaign I have visited every doctors surgery and every Pharmacy in the  Borough of Enfield; over 50 surgeries and over 50 pharmacies visited to make sure they can advise their patients and customers about The Nightingale.

I always enjoy meeting my fellow Nightingale volunteers and seeing how they are getting on. Although the Awareness Stands are serious business, Will and I always find ourselves having fun and laughing a lot.

Hey there, my name is Will,

I was looking round for a place to help out and volunteer in the Enfield community when my friend and neighbour, Steve, suggested that I try volunteering at The Nightingale. He had been volunteering with them for several years and I knew he really enjoyed doing it.

I love helping people, so I went to the office to meet The Nightingale team to see what the charity was all about. After that I started helping with the Awareness Stands as part of the Awareness Campaign. I go to different locations in and around Enfield to raise awareness of the charity and the centre and let people know who The Nightingale are and what they do.

I love the sense of achievement after every Awareness Stand and the feeling that I’m making a difference to people’s lives.

You might have heard me about Enfield as I even sing those famous words: “Raising awareness for The  Nightingale” just to get some attention and attract more people to the stand.

We do have a bucket to collect money but primarily we’re there to let the public and people of Enfield know about the support they can get and help spread the word.

I’ve also helped at other fundraising events like The Night Hike where I was a marshal directing people along the route, cheering them on and encouraging them to the finish line. This year, I’ll also be the DJ at the Night Hike, playing some great tunes to get your energy up for the walk.

Steve & Will's Top Reasons To Volunteer

Meet New Friends

If you’re isolated or just want to widen your social circle, volunteering is a great way to meet new people.

Volunteering especially helps you connect with people you might not normally meet but that have the same community spirit and eagerness to help others.

Great For Your CV

Volunteering gives you a chance to improve upon skills and develop whole new ones that would be beneficial to your career.

Communication skills, time keeping, project management, team work are all skills that are enhanced through volunteering. Plus it gives you an extra reference when applying for jobs.

Leads To New Opportunities

You never know who you’ll meet or what will come out of volunteering.

Many of The Nightingale’s staff members first started out as volunteers and became familiar with the charity.

Gives You A Good Feeling

Known as the ‘helpers high’, doing charitable work increases your happiness hormones because we’re wired to help others.

Not only does volunteering give you that warm feeling knowing you’ve helped a charity but it’s also makes you feel good by improving your mental health.

Volunteering can help counteract the effects of stress, depression and anxiety.

Make A Big Impact

By volunteering you make a direct impact in the community you live in, work in or just love.

You’re part of something bigger than yourself and are ‘paying it forward’ so that someone in the future can benefit from the charity.

It's Fun!

This is an obvious one. No two days of volunteering are the same so you never know what to expect but there’s always laughter, smiles and you always learn something new.

If you’re at an event, on an awareness stand, in the centre, in the shops, The Nightingale want you to enjoy your time volunteering. Which we always do!

Where will Steve and Will go next?

Steve is always on the hunt for new places in Enfield where we can hold our Awareness Stands. Do you know a shopping centre, leisure centre or something where Steve and Will (and our other volunteers) could let people know about the free support that’s available to them? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Will said it perfectly, though we have a bucket on our stand that’s not the reason we’re there. It’s not a fundraising activity, it’s a chance to let people know where and how they can get access to our services. Everybody deserves a chance to hear about The Nightingale, don’t you think?

If you know of a space where we can hold our next Awareness Stand, please let us know at 020 8366 9674.

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