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Big Yellow Self Storage in Enfield has been helping The Nightingale with their storage situation since 2015.

When the charity acquired it’s third shop it also saw a rise in donations or clothes and goods into the charity.

This was fantastic but our shops did not have to room to store all the goods and were bursting at the seams.

Big Yellow Enfield came to our rescue and have provided us with a clean, safe, storage room for the last four years.

Today we made two trips with Christmas goods kindly donated from a warehouse that was closing down. These can be stored in the unit and then distributed to the shops nearer to Christmas. Without this unit we would have had to turn this donation of goods down.

Thank you to all at Big Yellow Enfield for your help over the past four years and we hope we can work together in the future.

If you are interested in renting one of Big Yellow Enfields units for your storage needs you can find all their information by clicking here.