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The Nightingale Coffee Club

Each year we hold an annual Fashion Show where we invite clients to take part as our models. This is where Carol, Alex, Julie and Angela’s friendship began. Since being models in 2019 they have formed a strong friendship outside of The Nightingale and now want to give others the same opportunity to find peer-to-peer support.

Finding out you have cancer is, simply put, scary. You never think it’ll be you who is diagnosed. There can be so many questions and thoughts running through your head. You can feel depressed or frightened of your future but not want to speak to anyone about it.

Counselling sessions and Mindfulness courses at The Nightingale were all extremely helpful during cancer but there’s really nothing quite like talking to someone who has gone through what you’ve been through.

In our little group, one of us had lymphoma, others breast cancer, some had surgery, chemotherapy, immune therapy or radiotherapy. Between us we’ve had it all, including the side effects!

At different times and for different reasons, we each eventually found ourselves at The Nightingale in need of various support.

The services offered to us were incredible. The complementary therapies like massage and reflexology helped enormously with relaxation, while the counselling and Mindfulness helped to make sense of what had happened and gave us tools to use in our everyday life.

At this point, we’ve probably taken part in all of the groups and treatments that The Nightingale has to offer but our friendship started when we were asked to take part in the incredible annual Fashion Show.”

What a lovely afternoon being transformed into Enfield’s Top Models! Taking part was fun and emotional at the same time. We all had a laugh and were made to feel so special getting our hair and makeup done.

It was a big confidence boost and a moment we were each so proud of. We all absolutely loved it. What was surprising wasn’t how we took to the catwalk with ease but that we formed a friendship almost immediately!

From then on we created a Whatsapp group and started meeting each other outside of The Nightingale for a coffee. Our friendship really has been a lifeline.

Cancer can linger on your mind. We each had different struggles and fears but we shared that common bond. Though family and friends are very sympathetic during a cancer journey, it can be hard to expect them to understand exactly how you’re feeling.

Unless you have been through cancer it is difficult to be able to completely understand it and that’s why meeting up with the girls and people in the same boat has really helped.

We have been lucky to meet each other and gain the vital peer-to-peer support we needed during our hard times. A call here and a text there with people who know this ordeal all too well cannot be underestimated.

We’ve now formed a lovely, long lasting friendship that extends beyond cancer. We support, encourage and help each other but of course the main thing is making each other laugh (usually Julie is the loudest!). 

We know first-hand what having a cancer-based friendship group is like and we think it’s vital for everyone so, we’ve started…

The Nightingale Coffee Club

The Coffee Club is a space where you can have a cuppa, some cakes and mix with people on a similar journey. Whether you want to talk about cancer or not, it’s a club where you are more than your cancer diagnosis. You’re you again!

You’ll make new friends with people who know how you feel, have common experiences and just totally get what cancer’s like, because no one should feel alone during cancer. Coming through the doors of the Coffee Club for the first time might be difficult but everyone is welcome and if you’re on your own, you’ve already got a friend in us four.

We can’t wait to see you at the  Coffee Club. It’ll definitely brighten up your day, if only because of the cakes!