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The Nightingale desperately needs your help now more than ever.

Please support us by donating just £5.00 per month to the charity.  The cost of two coffees, two glasses of wine or beer you choose.

I can spare the cost of a coffee, click here to sign up.

It really is very simple and easy.  Once set up, your bank will forward your donation to us on a monthly basis.

The new way of catching up with friends with some fantastic benefits.

You don’t have to leave your home, you save a little money, you don’t have to worry about what to wear, how to get there or whether you will get caught in the rain.

The Nightingale wants you to keep your date, enjoy quality time with friends and family and also give something back by donating the cost of two drinks per month to the charity.

Opening up and blossoming

Friendship and support networks are really important for our mental wellbeing.  We shouldn’t take them for granted and sometimes we need to take a little time to nurture them.  At The Nightingale we know the importance of sharing our feelings with others, which gives great comfort and relief.

We have watched friendship grow and develop between cancer patients and many continue to support one another remotely, waiting for the time when they can do so face to face.  Some have told me that they can talk openly and freely to other cancer patients because of their shared experiences.  Often they don’t want to talk to family members because they don’t want to worry or burden then.

It is amazing to see people open up and blossom and I believe this is what The Nightingale facilitates.

Friends are especially important during times of crisis, particularly right now as we navigate our way back from COVID 19.