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Hearing the word ‘cancer’ is hard

A cancer diagnosis can be the start of a very emotional time and it can be difficult to deal with overwhelming feelings attached to cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer and everyone’s reactions can differ greatly as their day to day lives change drastically. From diagnosis, through treatment and far beyond cancer can seep into all aspects of life.

From our experience, receiving support to deal with the emotions triggered by a cancer diagnosis is a vital part of acceptance and recovery and we offer a few services that provide just that.


Counselling gives you an opportunity to find better ways to cope with the effects of cancer. You might feel anger, sadness, fear or anxiety. You are able to discuss your feelings openly and have conversations you might not be able to have with family or friends. Counselling can help with:

  • coping with your reactions to cancer
  • family and relationship issues
  • exploring personal issues
  • dealing with practical issues
  • reducing stress
  • overcoming anxiety

Over the course of 12 weekly sessions, counselling will help you find your own insights into problems and improve your quality of life.

Our counsellors offer a safe space and time to talk, to express feelings that may concern you and to explore ways to deal with life. They are trained to listen and are outside of your situation, making it easier to open up to them. Counsellors won’t usually give advice but will help you find your own insights into and understanding of your problems. All of our counselling sessions take place in a private room and are completely confidential so you can be honest and open about what’s bothering you.

Group Classes

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Research shows that we spend almost 50% of our time lost in our heads. We re-live past events, thinking about what we should have done or could have said. We project forward into the future, worrying about what might happen. Almost half of our time is lost thinking about something you cannot change or may never arise. Our 6 week Mindfulness course teaches you ways to cope with life during and after cancer and helps you respond to life’s pressures in a calmer manner that benefits your heart, head and body. 


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Sometimes words are not enough to adequately access the experiences and stories we hold in our bodies. Art & Movement uses body-based practices and art-making in a welcoming, non judgemental environment. The group invites connection and expression, all unfolding at your own pace. Connect, breathe, draw, move, paint and create.


Peer-To-Peer Support

There is nothing quite like talking to someone who has been or is going through what you’re going through. Of course, family and friends can sympathise and support but it can be difficult to fully open up to your loved ones without fear of upsetting them.

We know how difficult a cancer journey is and that walking it alone is even harder. That’s why we highly encourage peer-to-peer support at our centre because having a network around you that understands what you’re going through is key to fighting the mental health battle that cancer causes.

The friendships made at The Nightingale provide people with an extra layer of support outside of our four little walls and really are life changing. 

If you think counselling and peer-to-peer support would benefit your mental health fill out our Support Form today

No one should have to go through cancer alone, that’s why we’re here to help.