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We are incredibly lucky that people want to share their celebrations with The Nightingale. It is an especially generous type of donation, using your moment in the spotlight to highlight The Nightingale, what we do, how we help people and encourage them to make a donation.

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, retirement, a special anniversary or wedding, you can mark the special occasion for yourself and your guests by dedicating your celebration to The Nightingale and asking your guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts (or as well as!).

The easiest for you to organise your In Celebration donation is to create a JustGiving Page. You can include all of your details and information on why you have chosen to fundraise or The Nightingale. The link can then be sent out with your invitations and on social media. It is also a great way of allowing you and those who have donated to keep track of how much is being raised on your behalf.

Margaret celebrated her 100th birthday with us by making marmalade!

Fundraising resources

Once you’ve decided on your celebration fundraiser and let us know what you’re doing, we can supply you with a variety of fundraising and marketing materials to help you make your idea standout. Things we can supply you with will include:

  • Collection envelopes
  • Collection boxes
  • Collection buckets
  • Balloons
  • The Nightingale logo which can be added to your own promotional material
  • Nightingale posters

It doesn’t stop there, if you have an idea for a poster or leaflet, we’re happy to also help you design it. Plus we’ll be promoting you every step of the way through our Fundraising NewslettereNews and social media.

Gemma’s 40th Birthday

The Nightingale gave me excellent support during my cancer journey, so during my cancer treatment, I decided to have a big party for my 40th birthday because my chosen charities are in more need of money/support than I needed gifts. 

Everyone was so supportive with my just giving pages, I have raised £816 for The Nightingale so far. I’m over the moon, I know how much this money will help others living with cancer. I would definitely recommend others to do the same. The Nightingale staff set it all up for me and then I just had to share the link on social media and what’s app. 

For ideas, advise and more information on how you can fundraise in celebration, give us a call on 020 8366 9674.