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Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to The Nightingale in memory of your loved one.

The Nightingale relies solely on external fundraising and donations to provide our services. It is because of the generosity of people like you that we have been able to support those affected by cancer in our community for nearly 20 years.

There are several ways you can make a donation to The Nightingale in memory of your loved one, which will, no matter how big or small, have an impact on our clients.

Whatever your needs during this time, we can help organise each and every one of these donations avenues so there is one less thing for your to organise during this difficult time.

Don’t Struggle Alone

Losing a loved one, no matter if expected or unexpected is an extremely difficult thing to come to terms with. If you, your family, friends or colleagues are struggling with the loss of your loved one due to cancer, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for support.