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The Mayor of Enfield’s Chosen Charity

We were delighted when The Nightingale was chosen as one of Councillor Suna Hurman, Mayor of Enfield’s, charities for her term as Mayor. It meant a lot to our charity to not only be recognised by the Mayor as a key charity in our community but also to start working with someone so passionate about the charity’s future.

Councillor Suna Hurman, Mayor of Enfield, says of choosing The Nightingale

I understand that many families struggle with everyday life, living with disabilities, illness and economic hardship, and my chosen charities will hopefully raise awareness and help in some way. Having just lost a dear friend to cancer, I feel I must do all I can in my Mayoral year to support this cause.

Councillor Suna’s story will resonate with many of our clients and indeed many residents in Enfield. With the staggering statistic that 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, more and more people will be affected by cancer every year. 

In May 2023 we had our Night Hike and though Councillor Suna wasn’t long into her Mayoral Term, she joined us at the starting line, posing for photos with all the walkers and giving a rousing, inspiring speech before the claxon sounded. 

Since then, it has felt like The Nightingale CEO, Nick Jacobs and Councillor Suna have been inseparable as she kindly helps us reach new audiences. The Nightingale was invited to the Alevi Culture Centre to discuss cancer support and with hope to connect with hard-to-reach communities offering help to cancer sufferers and their families.

Nick, Nightingale CEO says that,

“Working with Councillor Suna has already been incredibly rewarding over the past couple of months. Her passion to help the people of Enfield gain easy access to the support and care they need is clear and I believe working together with The Nightingale we will definitely achieve this before the end of Councillor Suna’s Mayoral term.”

If there’s one activity in our centre that portrays all The Nightingale is, its our Coffee Club, and we were delighted when Councillor Suna joined us one week to speak to our clients, have a coffee and cake, have a chat and really see what the charity does. We were able to give our thanks in a small way (no, not just with homemade cake!), with a signed and framed Arsenal shirt that Councillor Suna could auction off at one of her upcoming events. 

We’ve also enjoyed a passion for fashion as Councillor Suna attended our Fashion Show. It’s always a crowd please and a full house as 10 of our clients showcase outfits from our charity shops, showing you can look better for less.

We are very much looking forward to the rest of the year working with Councillor Suna and seeing what we can achieve together for our community.