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The Nightingale 2023 Roundup

Looking back at what The Nightingale achieved in 2023 we couldn’t be happier or prouder. Our team worked tirelessly to welcome more new clients, provide more groups and classes and make The Nightingale feel like a second home to all.

What made 2023 a record breaking year?

We offered 40% more counselling appointments
We had 126% more attendees at our classes, groups and workshops
Our Coffee Club saw a 110% rise in attendees
We worked with 21% more new clients
We received 36 5* reviews!

We’ll hand over to our Head of Services, Fiona Connell, to share her thoughts about 2023 and the changes we’ve seen in the centre.

“I hope you all managed to enjoy your celebrations and didn’t miss us too much. The team are now back in the office after a relaxing week off and are ready to bring the centre back to life again.

I really can’t believe how far we have come in the last few years, especially in 2023. I was fortunate enough to start new activities in the centre enabling us to provide you with even more support.

When I was completing the 2023 end of year reports (I know it sounds boring), I was so excited to see how many extra people we had helped in a year. People often say, ‘Well that means more people have cancer’. It doesn’t. It means that more people with cancer are now aware that The Nightingale is here to help them.

Throughout 2023 we had over 600 clients registered with us, including 181 new clients.

We recorded 7,482 interventions. This does not include all of the calls, emails and quick chats etc that we don’t record on our database. Interventions sounds serious but is isn’t. All it means is that a client attended a therapy or a class, that we had a meeting with a client or some sort of interaction. Each of those counts as 1 intervention. That is over 1000 more than 2022.

We provided 938 counselling sessions; I do appreciate that we still have a long waiting list but the demand is very high. Knowing how high the demand was we actually increased our counselling sessions by 34% from 2022. We are hoping this continues into 2024.

The wonderful Coffee Club had 471 attendees in 2022, In 2023 (drumroll, please)…… this increased to an amazing 987. I think that the figures speak for themselves and emphasises just how important this peer-to-peer support has become for you all.

Our new activities included Art Therapy and joining forces with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation to run a Sit and Move class.

We did all this, whilst continuing to provide all of our established classes, groups and activities. Without the continued support of our therapists, instructors, counsellors and volunteers we couldn’t provide you with this support.

So, 2024. What more is there to offer!! We will continue to do what we do well. At the moment I am focusing on recruiting more counsellors to help with our waiting list and we are starting a Bereavement Course soon.

Who knows, as the year progresses there might be more to come!”

We look forward to the new and exciting initiatives we’re brining to the centre in 2024 and if you need us this year, you know where to find us and our door is always open.