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Monster Money Jar Competition

Make a spooky Halloween/Monster Money Jar and donate your loose change to The Nightingale!

Make your monster scary, funny or sparkly, or if you prefer, design a spooky Halloween themed jar – it’s up to you! There will also be a fantastic prize for the winning entry!

All entries will be displayed in our Baker Street Shop window where you will be able to see your wonderful creation.

How to enter:

Simply find a jar at home and get started! You can use paint, tissue paper, googly eyes,

stickers, glitter…whatever you like! (Entrants must be aged 12 and under).

Fill up your jar with as much loose change as you can find (remember to look under the sofa cushions!)

Bring your jar to any of our shops (Baker Street, Oakwood,Waltham Cross or The Nightingale Centre) with your name, age and school along with a parent/guardian name, number, email and address securely attached (sticker or a note stuck on) so we’re able to contact the winner. Entry closes on Wednesday 28th October.

Jars will be on display on 30 – 31 October.

You can find out the address of each of our shops here.

All entries will be judged fairly by our panel on effort, originality and creativity!