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Plant Sale

Saturday 28th May – 10am onwards

78 Tenniswood Road, Enfield EN1 3HE

On Saturday 28th May, from 10am, you’ll find a wonderful collection of bedding plants and vegetables to purchase, all in aid of The Nightingale.

We won’t know until nearer the time what plants or vegetables will be available, but previous years offerings have been incredible.

Bedding plants have included lobelia, alyssum, petunia, pansy and gazania. While Carol’s delicious range of vegetables have included runner beans, courgettes, baby cucumbers, pumpkins, butternut squash, red chilli and plenty of tomatoes.

If you’re unable to visit on the day, don’t worry you won’t miss out. Carol is happy to take order in advance so you can collect before the 28th. Email fundraising@nightingalesupport.org.uk with your order!

If you would like to support The Nightingale by hosting an event like Carol, our Fundraising Guide has all the tips and tricks you need to make your even a success.