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One way to celebrate the life of your loved one is by asking your family and friends to make service donations. Sometimes this is done in lieu of giving flowers. 

Service donations mean that your loved one continues to help those affected by cancer gain access to support they might not otherwise have.

We can arrange several helpful ways for people to donate at your loved one’s service. We’re happy to organise a charity representative to attend your service. They can help to collect donations and let people know how our services could be beneficial to them during this hard time.

We can also arrange collection envelopes with Gift Aid options. This increases your donation to The Nightingale by 25% at no extra cost, meaning your donation helps more people.

Prior to the service, we can provide you with information about The Nightingale and how to donate to include in your Order of Service.

We are very grateful for your support, especially during this difficult time. If you would like to organise any of the above,  you can talk to your funeral director or call 020 8366 9674.

You can also create a Tribute Page for your loved one with fond memories, service information and online service donations.