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Knitting (and crochet) has become one of the most popular at-home hobbies during lockdown, not only because it’s easy to pick up but because it’s incredibly therapeutic.

We wanted to bring together knitters old and new, even if it is virtually, to do something positive with our lockdown creativity and bring comfort to those who need it most.

That is why we’re calling all knitters, crocheters, beginners, professionals and everyone in between to be part of Stitches of Support.

This community project aims to take knitted squares from the public and create blankets for Nightingale clients going through active cancer treatment. A cancer diagnosis and treatment is extremely hard, without adding in Covid-19. It can have a horrendous effect on your body and mental health and make you feel terribly alone. With your help, the blankets we craft will act as little reminders of the care that’s out there and that people aren’t going through this journey alone, their Nightingale community is with them.

So, we’d love for you to create a square(s) to represent what brings you comfort, joy or what ever has inspired you during lockdown and send it to our centre. Squares will be joined together by our Knit and Natter Group to create as many blankets as possible.

This picture is just a representation of what each blanket will look like. Each square filled with joy, positivity, love and support. 

We know that these blankets help, because we’ve seen it time and again.

A couple of clients have previously used the Knit and Natter blankets while undergoing treatment. One in particular used it all the time; at her chemo sessions, when she was sitting at home reading or watching TV and she even took it with her when she was transferred to a hospice.” – Jane Newcombe, founder of Knit and Natter.

Your squares can be one block colour, striped, represent books for reading, cupcakes for baking or flowers for gardening, whatever fills you with joy that you would like to pass on to someone else. Help lift up your community and bring joy to someone who needs it. If you’re stuck for ideas download our Stitches of Support – Examples PDF for some patterns you can use at home.

Knot a knitter?

You can still get involved! All donations are welcome regardless of if you knit a square or not. Your donation will help us to organise all the squares we receive and create as many blankets as possible. So you’re still spreading the joy and supporting the stitchers!

We greatly appreciate the time, knitting skills and wool that will go into creating each square! Donations are not for each square you make and aren’t set at £2. So feel free to donate as much or little you can and stitch as many or little squares you can.

Like any act of kindness, one small square will make a real difference.

Your Stitch of Support

Dimensions: 8 inches x 8 inches

Style: Double knit

Design: Whatever brings you joy!

Suggested Donation: £2 for one or a hundred squares

You can sign up and donate below, or you can download our Stitches of Support Form to include when you send in your square. When you sign up to be part of this incredible community project you’ll regular updates on how our stitching community is getting on and pictures of the blanket your square is in.

We can’t wait to see what brings you joy!

  • A £2 donation is suggested to help us create the blankets from your square. We are grateful of any additional donation amount you may wish to add to this.