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We’re not the only ones celebrating a huge milestone this year!

One of our fundraisers, Margaret Stretton, is turning 100 in May and she’s celebrating in the most giving way possible; raising money for The Nightingale by making 50 jars of jam/marmalade throughout the year – 1 jar for every two years!

After years of making jams, marmalades and preserves for her local church Coffee Mornings, Margaret has gained a year-round group of regulars who crave her tasty creations. She has come to make them on a regular basis, charging just £2 and donating the price of each jar to The Nightingale. This year, she’s taking it further with her 100 challenge!

Using a preserving pan that her mum used (and still looks brand new!) she uses three simple ingredients; fruit, sugar and water, but her exact recipe is top secret!

Margaret Stretton has limited sight due to Macular Degeneration and Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands but still completes every aspect of the 3 hour process herself, from cleaning the donated jars to mixing all ingredients. The only help she receives in the whole process is from her daughter Christine and son-in-law David and that’s usually just scraping out the pan… and tasting of course.

Though it will just be Margaret’s regular customers who will get their hands on the jam, the community is coming together to support her JustGiving page and we hope you can too.

She has already surpassed two targets and the support doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. We think you’ll agree that in light of everything, this is an especially challenging feat and one that we are very touched by.

Help Margaret achieve her incredible 100th Marmalade Challenge by giving her a birthday donation via her JustGiving page today.

Inspired by Margaret? You can become a Nightingale Fundraiser too by using your passion to help people affected by cancer.