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The Nightingale has been a grateful beneficiary of The RSA Trust for over 10 years now and there’s many things we would not have been able to achieve without their generosity.

They have been with us for many milestones. Martin is the Chairman of The RSA, Island Village Ltd. and has also supported the charity with his expert advice to develop our shops and relocate the centre to Baker Street. We asked Martin about how this relationship came to be and why it’s so strong.

“The RSA Trust became involved with The Nightingale over 10 years ago. My wife, Doreen, had assisted The Nightingale for many years with major fundraising events and this highlighted to me the important work carried out to support members of our community living with cancer. The RSA supports smaller, local charities with a strong track record of delivering projects in economic, social and health areas. Fitting the bill, we invited The Nightingale to submit an application for grant funding and the Trustees were pleased to be able to give their support to such a worthy cause and, indeed, continue their support over the years.

Each year we receive a report on how our grant has been used and our Trustees have recognised the need for ongoing support to enable The Nightingale to offer much needed help, advice and assistance to those with cancer and their families.

One of our special grants contributed to setting up the Baker Street charity shop. This was the first shop opened by The Nightingale and behind the counter there is a plaque recognising the assistance of the RSA Trust. We were also delighted in 2019 when The Nightingale invited The RSA Trust to agree that one of their therapy rooms be dedicated to the RSA Trust and all it has done for the charity.

On a personal level, I admire tremendously the work of The Nightingale and have been only too pleased that my fellow Trustees have agreed to continue supporting the charity in such generous ways. In a small way, I have tried to assist with various matters such as setting up the Baker Street shop, the centre move 6 years ago and this year, I completed the 15K Night Hike and raised nearly £1,500 due to the generosity of friends and family.

I am sure that we all have family or good friends who have had, or now have, various forms of cancer. We can appreciate the physical and mental strain that this puts on not only the one with cancer but also their families. The services offered by The Nightingale are so important to ease those strains and the organisation deserves every bit of support we can give and The RSA Trust looks forward to continuing its support.”

Next time you’re in the centre, look out for The RSA Trust plaque!

What is the RSA Trust?

The RSA is a charity entirely funded by profits generated by the RSA Island Centre, the retail and business centre at the heart of Enfield Island Village. The Centre comprises the preserved sections of the Grade II listed Royal Small Arms Factory’s Main Machine shop which was renowned for the manufacture of the Lee Enfield rifle. The factory closed in the 1980’s and in the late 1990’s the then derelict building was acquired by the RSA Island Village Ltd. and converted into the village centre split into 35 business units. At the end of every financial year, the trading arm of the RSA Island Village Ltd., donates its net profit to the RSA Trust to distribute to carefully selected projects.