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Did you know that 86% of Melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK are preventable?

That is a staggeringly high statistic. Many of these preventions are in your control. We want to give you the right information to make sure you’re being safe in the sun. So here are our top tips you should live by this summer:


Wear Sun cream!

Apply your sun cream 30 minutes before going out in the sun and again just before going out.

SPF– protects your skin against UVB, and rated on a scale of 2 to 50+ (the strongest protection) UVA– UVA star rating measures the amount of UVA protection, up to 5 stars (the higher the better)

Hold onto your hat!

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat that shades the face, neck and ears can give extra protection to parts exposed to the sun that we often forget about.


Shade is your friend!

In the UK, the sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm from March to October. Try and spend as much of that time as you can in the shade.


Know your skin!

Get to know your skin and watch for changes. Look for new skin markings like moles, bumps, scaly spots, or places where your skin has changed colour. Watch moles for changes in size, texture, colour or shape.


Ban the tan!

There’s no such thing as a safe tan. While you might think you have a nice ‘glow’, a tan is evidence of damage done to your skin.


Don’t forget these 5 tips when you next go out in the sun and keep yourself safe, but also don’t forget to enjoy yourself while the warm weather lasts!