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I Love Preloved

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion or just some new casual clothes, chances are you can always find what you’re looking for in when preloved shopping!

A few years ago I found out that 350,000 tonnes of clothing ended up in landfill every single year. It made me realise how wasteful fast-fashion shopping was as on a week-to-week basis there would be new ‘must have’ items and the previous season’s clothes were clearly going to the back of the wardrobe and then straight in the bin.

I wanted to start shopping smarter and more consciously, not just for me (and my purse) but for the environment too. Did you know that due to ecologically unfriendly manufacturing processes, many high street chains are the second largest contributors to land pollution?

I knew by going to more charity shops rather than fast fashion retailers, it would have the added bonus of positively impacting our planet whilst supporting local charities like The Nightingale.

Serena displays her first outfit she found while preloved shopping

Another bonus I found with preloved shopping is that I’m not indirectly supporting the poor working conditions closely linked to fast fashion manufacturers. Knowing that my clothing purchases from charity shops are supporting  my local community rather than multi-million pound companies which do not always support their workers is such a great feeling.

With every purchase, you know the money is going towards providing services people desperately need.

Now I encourage my friends and family to choose to buy clothes from a charity shop for a fraction of the price. They can be much better quality and it’s a more conscious and sustainable way of buying clothes.

I find buying clothes from charity shops a far more enjoyable experience than trying to find clothes in crowded, chaotic high street shops and the staff are always helpful and lovely to chat to. Even when I am not actively looking for new clothes, I’ll always pop into my favourite charity shops if I am walking by as I know there will be something that catches my eye and at a bargain price.

One of my favourite charity shop purchases was a pair of practically unworn Original 501 Levi jeans for only £15 which would typically retail for £85. The clothes I find are often unique and not like the clothes I would find on the high street so whenever I’m wearing a charity shop outfit, I never have to worry about someone else showing up in the same thing!

Serena displays her second outfit she found while preloved shopping

The best preloved shopping buys always come from the pieces you wouldn’t expect to like, so the next time you visit one of The Nightingale shops, be sure to have a good look around because you’ll be sure to find some great pieces.

I put these two looks together entirely from clothes and accessories I found in the Baker Street store. One’s a more casual look, the other I would wear going out with my friends. In total, these two outfits (including the jacket and bag) cost only £44, an unimaginable price at a high street shop.

Hopefully this inspires you to start charity shopping and finding amazing pieces for yourself. There is always an incredible variety to choose from. You can start your preloved shopping at any of The Nightingale Charity Shops today.

Happy preloved shopping! – Sarina, charity shop advocate.